lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

Internet and it's PTCs

I've read dozens of stories about people making so-and-so many dollars a month doing nothing.
I firmly believe they are lying. Joining a dozen or so PTCs may make you some 10-20 odd dollars a month, if you're diligent and active every day, but it also consumes roughly an hour of your time. Which isn't so bad, if you're spending that hour in front of your computer anyway.
The tried and true way of making more than a pittance with paid-to-clicks is to refer others,and refer as many as you can. And I hope you all see where this is going...

At BuxP you get money viewing ads and videos, commenting on videos and doing offers.
My personal dislike for available offers though limits my earnings to what I get from ads and videos, which means daily earnings of ~0,03$.

Clixsense awards money for viewing ads and completing offers and surveys. Clixgrid may net you 5$ if you're lucky, but so far, I'd say playing it is a waste of time. I managed to make a neat 10$ on my first month there, with no referrals, but since then, my luck with the surveys has been bad.If you happen to live in USA(I don't), this program most likely nets you the fastest ten bucks out of all that I've tried. My daily average from this one is ~0,02$. If only I were eligible for more surveys...

Linkgrad is for the slow and steady earner. They've paid me 6$ so far, but daily earnings are around 0-0,01$. If you want to advertise on their site though, do it through my referral link and I'll get a nice 10% of your purchase :).

Neobux is tried and true PTC site. Though my daily earnings are in the 0,02$ range, I've managed to earn through Neobux over 40$ so far, and I bought Civ V with those dollars from Steam. This is my #1 recommended PTC-site, since it's paid me multiple times and I've been a member of this site for well over two years now.

Probux looks promising so far, I've made 0,06$ daily for four days in a row(just joined), though like Clixgrid, it's ProGrid has been a waste of time so far.

Thebest-bux is my foray into new, more risky bux sites. Daily earnings of ~0,10$, but the gridgame on this site is as worthless as it is on the other sites I've listed.

WordLinx is another slow and steady earner. daily income for me has been ~0,01$, but I'm getting towards my first payment slowly.

This has been my account into the amazing world of online moneymaking. If you're interested give some of those sites mentioned above a twirl. It may not replace your day job, but a little extra can come in handy. Plus, being a referral doesn't take anything out of your earnings.

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